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General-Ceramics  General Ceramics, an AMETEK Inc.’ business unit, has more than 35 years of experience in ceramic hermetic packaging technology and is an internationally recognized supplier to many industries utilizing ceramic package in their products. Our commitment to quality products, and our design and manufacturing experience have been used to offer some of the following packaging advantages:

  • Custom ceramic package design experience
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing
  • High temperature cofired ceramic technology: Aluminum Oxide
  • Hermetic soldering; grin and sapphire lenses
  • Tungsten copper heatsinks
AMETEK Inc. uses certified and advanced in-house resources to blend ceramic powders to produce ceramic wafers and high conductivity thick film metallization inks, tungsten and molymanganese, providing up to 74 layers of ceramic protection.

Additionally, our core capabilities include:

  • High temperature processing of ceramic seals
  • CNC machining capability for metal components
  • Furnace brazing for package assembly
  • Nickel and Gold Plating (in-house)
  • In-house tooling capability
  • In-house metal stamping operation

As electronic and other environmentally sensitive equipment become more advanced, ceramic packages become more essential for certain applications. General Ceramics has enjoyed a history of designing and manufacturing custom products for dynamic and challenging aerospace, defense, medical and commercial applications. We are confident that we can provide the quality high temperature cofired ceramic products that are needed for your programs.

General Ceramics’ high temperature cofired ceramics and ceramic packages have several practical applications for your programs, including:

  • Navigation equipment
  • Infared equipment and instrumentation
  • Medical equipment
  • Test and measurement equipment (RF Frequency)
  • Satellites
  • Optical networking components

AMETEK Inc. is the largest and most technologically advanced provider with the broadest range of products and design services. Visit our Industries Served page to find out how several industries use our ceramic packages and other high temperature cofired ceramic packages.

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